Our quest to recruit and develop the best and the brightest remains priority one for Jones Family of Companies. Although our specific craft develops and produces nonwoven fabrics and yarns, we welcome professionals and skilled technicians from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. Deeply committed to our Values Driven business model, we believe in working creatively, collaboratively and respectfully—as a team. If you believe you would thrive in this kind of environment, we welcome your attention and inquiry.


Since 1936, Jones has been a leading employer in Humboldt and West Tennessee. The company is committed to its role in the local economy, and we take great pride in the leadership that our associates provide to the local community. Our associates are skilled craftsmen focused on producing quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of their external and internal customers. Jones associates are vital contributors to the success that our company has achieved in our 80 years of operation. Our commitment to our associate team members is reflected in our vision statement, “ be people-oriented, service-minded, quality-driven and profit-motivated. But at no time should these aspirations sacrifice the dignity of the individual: be it associate, customer, supplier or owner.”


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Employee Testimonials


James Butler, Associate since 1971

“My mom was one of the first people that was hired when Jones opened up Avondale plant. My dad was already working for them. When I first started, most all the work was done by hand. We loaded the balls. We hammered the bales of cotton by hand.”

“Everybody wanted to work for Jones, because it was a steady job and they paid a decent wage. I was looking for a steady job so that I could provide for my family. That’s what I was looking for, and I found one. And I stuck with it."

“I honestly believe they care about their employees. I believe it because I’ve seen it in my own life.”


Scott Butler, Vice President of Operations:

“Everybody’s not cut out for it. The ones that are, I guess they say it’s really in your blood.”

 “Everybody in Humboldt knew that if you could get on at Jones, you had a job.”

 “The core value that this company really stands on is family. People-oriented, trustworthiness, all of these things, but when you think about that, it still comes back to a core of family."

 “Your last name does not have to be Jones. When you’re part of this culture, then you’re part of the family.”