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Innovation / Solutions

Innovation starts with the heart.


We share the responsibility.

At Jones Family of Companies, we are all responsible for innovation. Each of us works on his or her own discovery skills (associating, questioning, observing, experimenting and networking) and the discovery skills of others in the team.


There is always business involvement.

We don’t innovate by ourselves. We realize that innovation requires multiple businesses and functions to collaborate. We innovate with our customers and associated stakeholders.


We shape expectations.

We build informal coalitions of people who work on an opportunity. Together, we explore where the value lies. We encourage ambition without creating expectations that can’t be met.


We are user-centered, not product-focused.

We take a user-centered perspective when looking at problems and solutions and regularly sit next to our end-users. We recognize that “product” is not always the innovative solution in all cases.


We have a bias to “yes.”

Saying “no” to ideas and plans is easy. We aim to say “yes, let’s investigate” and then work on trying to make it happen in a way that is cost-efficient and addresses any risks.


We focus on the achievable.

Everything we do will have a doable plan and fit within our sphere of influence. Organizations are good at big strategic initiatives already. Our efforts are nimble and have a shorter timeline, while keeping the bigger plan in mind.


We leverage what is already there.

We reuse what has been done elsewhere in the business. We allow our suppliers and vendors to help us use their products better. We are good citizens in their customer communities. We strive to reuse and reimagine.


We are experts in our domain.

Our knowledge of fibers, yarns and fabrics in our domain is deep and extends from internal processes and technology to the external market in all its dimensions. We invest heavily in our own expertise.


We accept and embrace change.

Innovation starts with a willingness to accept change.