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Jones provides products for various applications.


Wet Mopping

Wet mopping or general purpose cleaning requires a combination of adequate performance and economy. Cotton blend or rayon blend yarns are best for wet mops. Cotton blends have high absorption capacities and offer the best wipe dry performance; however, rayon blend yarns have superior absorption without the break-in required when using a cotton mop.

Food Service Cleaning

Food service cleaning applications are open to the broadest yarn options. Consumer practices and economic parameters generally define the proper yarn for meeting this market segment's expectations. Recommended uses range from cotton blends to antimicrobial yarn. If your customers prefer limited-use mops, economy cotton or nWET products are ideal options. However, if repeat laundering is required, we recommend one of our rayon blend, rayon/cellulose or antimicrobial yarns. Each yarn group offers yarn color options for use in color-coded product lines.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning

Healthcare facility cleaning may be the most demanding of applications. We limit our recommendations to a cotton/synthetic blend, rayon blend or antimicrobial yarn. Mops engineered for this application must withstand the rigorous use of caustic cleaning solutions, and they are exposed to higher water and air temperatures during the washing and drying cycles.
These consumer practices can easily damage the yarns, reducing the mop’s longevity. Proper care of the mop and knowledge of the application requirements are crucial to making the ideal yarn selection.

Floor Finish Applications

Floor finish applications require yarns with low lint characteristics and superior absorption performance with an even release. Many end-users still prefer 100% long staple cotton yarns; however, rayon blends remain the most widely used. Continuous filament yarns have found a niche in this market segment; however, rayon is more economical.