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Sustainable Solutions

Today, consumers increasingly make buying decisions with environmental responsibility as a high priority.


Desirable brand choices include products with sustainable, low-environmental impact packaging. Almost every product imaginable, including frozen food, meal kits, pet food, and pharmaceuticals, is delivered directly to consumers’ doors.


Each of these products has unique requirements for high-quality temperature-controlled transit. Low environmental impact and performance create the ideal temperature control solution. Jones Sustainable Packaging is that solution.


Manufactured with plant-based fibers, our liners are an economical and performance-tested low-environmental-impact packaging solution to meet the growing demand for sustainability and ecological responsibility.


Our sustainable fiber blends include

  • Cotton
  • Natural plant fiber
  • Bast fiber (jute & hemp)
  • Recycled textile mill byproducts
  • Animal fiber (including wool)
  • Recycled polyethylene terephthalate


We are a market leader in nonwovens engineered with sustainable fiber, and our plant-based fiber grades provide lab-tested, high-quality insulative and protective properties. Plus, they biodegrade faster and more safely than plastics or polystyrene, completing the cycle from the earth back to the earth.

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