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Synchronicity Packaging

In the United States, over 23% of landfill waste comes from packaging and containers, a significant number that will continue to grow without drastic intervention. For decades, this destructive packaging has been synonymous with non-biodegradable petroleum-based products. Fortunately, a greener alternative to options such as polystyrene foam now exists. Natural fibers are the answer to producing packaging that is highly thermal, protective and most importantly, sustainable. Ideal for packaging perishable foods and meal kits, bast fibers and cotton fibers obtained from post-harvest plants and textile waste are a biodegradable solution. Their naturally recyclable properties make them the ecological choice for a farm-to-packaging process that shortens the cold chain at no added cost. For over 80 years, Jones Family of Companies has been a leader in recycling fibers. Now Jones Nonwovens provides a fully sustainable packaging solution that ecofriendly consumers demand and the generations to come deserve.

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